Love Sosa: Chief Keef Song Meaning and Explanation

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Love Sosa is definitely one of the best songs by Chief Keef and it is also one of my favorite songs to listen to. The song seems to have a lot of backstory. It gives us an insight into rapper Chief Keef’s lifestyle, the things that have been going on, his character etc.

According to the sources, Chief refers to himself as the name ‘Sosa’ in reference to Scarface character Alejandro Sosa who was an international drug dealer. Some claim it is after Sammy Sosa a baseball player who played for the Chicago Cubs. Now, it is known that Chief was on a house arrest for a weapon’s charge. He began his rap career during the house arrest.

He pays homage to Three 6 mafia with his song being similar in tune with Stomp by Three 6 mafia. Also, he talks about the O boys basically referencing the O block which is supposed to be a very notorious area in Chicago.

Dgainz directed this music video in the Loft in the 100s neighborhood of the South Side of Chicago on the 18 October 2012. The intro of Love Sosa is taken from a fan ranting about people who hate Chief Keef.

Chief Keef is sending the message that if you f*ck with the O boys you will get f*cked over and talks about a boy who slumped over after he was hit by the cobra. This is a reference most likely to Lil JoJo.

Now, there had been a street rivalry going on between Chief Keef and Lil Jojo. Lil Jojo released a diss track taunting the Black Disciples the gang that Keef was a part of. He released the diss track called BDK(K most likely meaning Killers). Lil JoJo and his comrades came into Chief’s territory and JoJo announced his location ie. the 69th street on Twitter. Lil Jojo was shot dead after a Ford Taurus pulled up and somebody started shooting.

Chief released mixtapes and tracks at his grandmother’s house when he was on house arrest for illegal weapon possession and Love Sosa was also produced while he was serving the sentence.

This is the story behind the song.

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