The Dark Meaning behind Home by Three Days Grace

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Home is a song by the Canadian rock band ‘Three Days Grace’. It was launched on 4 October 2004 as the third single from their self titled debut album ‘Three Days Grace’. In this article we’ll review the song Home.

Home Song Review and Discussion

Home is among my favorite songs by Three Days Grace. In my opinion, its about someone who is facing troubles with their relationships at home.

It could be personal issues with the wife or the kids. There are many ways to look at this song from the perspective of different members in the house.

The most feasible explanation is probably one’s experience with his spouse or partner where in the person is fed up with the partner and does not want to deal with him or her.

One tries one’s best to make the relationship work but the other person is not willing to coordinate or appreciate their partner’s efforts.

The other person could be having affair with someone else and the singer probably knows about it when he sings ‘ I know you’re not there and I know that you don’t care’.

So, the lyrics describe the relationship pretty well. The couple is drifting apart and has been undergoing fights.

Now, Adam Gontier has had problems with substance abuse. Perhaps his bad habit has caused problems in his relationships.

He mentions being stoned in his lyrics. Or it could also be a mechanism that he has developed to deal with his problems at home.

Eventually, the relationship deteriorates to a point where in none of the people want to care for each other and want to leave each other as soon as possible. The toxicity drives the singer wild to the point where he just wants to be alone.

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