Why Figure.09 by Linkin Park was a rock masterpiece

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Figure.09 is a song by the rock band Linkin Park as part of the Meteora album. It was released on 25th March 2003. In this article we’ll talk aboout Figure.09 Song Review.

Figure.09 Song Review and Meaning

The song is based on themes of abuse by someone else. Chester had been known to have undergone abuse as a kid. So, a lot of his songs are based on similar themes having tones of anger, resentment, pain and frustration.

Figure.09 is probably among the most typical Linkin Park songs. It has Chester screaming at the best of his capability while still being melodious at the same time. The instrumentals are perfectly crafted for this song. Linkin Park does its best at making you feel the raw emotion behind their songs.

It’s a really loud song. The first sound you hear sounds like little conga drums or something. It’s actually Joe tapping on his turntables with a distortion pedal. So the distortion creates this drum type sound when he hits his needle and his vinyl.

So he made this little beat just tapping on his records, which is really interesting. I think it’s stuff like that that shows where Joe’s going. He’s doing some really creative things with his turntables. He’s not limiting himself to just scratching and rubbing them back and forth and playing samples. He did some interesting stuff.

Mike Shinoda

This song originally had rapping in the verses, then was rewritten with singing verses during the process at NRG, the singing parts remained until the recording was finished.

Then, while mixing the album, Brad, Mike, Chester and Don swapped the rap verses back in, deciding that the rapping made the song more interesting. the rest of the band didn’t hear the final version of the song until the album was complete.

The band wrote on the Meteora booklet

The song in my opinion is about how bad someone hurts you to the extent that you cannot get them out of your mind. Its almost like the person stays in your head the entire time and its like they have become a part of you.

The song’s lyrics touch on themes of struggle, self-doubt, and the constant fight against one’s inner demons.

The instrumentation is heavy, with a driving guitar riff and pounding drums that perfectly complement the raw intensity of Chester Bennington’s vocals.

The song’s chorus is particularly impactful, with its anthemic “Nothing ever stops all these thoughts and the pain attached to them” refrain.

Overall, “Figure.09” is a standout track that showcases Linkin Park’s ability to create deeply moving and relatable music. It’s a song that will resonate with anyone who has ever struggled with their own thoughts and emotions.

This song is among my favorite songs by Linkin Park. Let me know your opinion in the comments below.

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