A look at Kane Brown (Rising Star or past his potential?)

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Kane Brown is an American singer who I believe mostly sings country music. At least, that is what I know from the sources I have read and the music from him that I have come across till now.

Personally, I am not much of a country music fan since that particular genre of music is a little bland in my opinion. His songs are simple and for people who are into simple music, I would definitely suggest you to listen to him. Some of his most popular songs are ‘Heaven’, ‘What ifs’, ‘Used to Love You Sober’ etc.

Song Review

Coming to his recently released music called ‘Grand’ I believe he has switched his style to pop. Personally, I like pop music and his energy in this song is quite upbeat. He has been active since 2014 and its good that he is switching up his style.

The song is about how he pursued his passion and became a star. He is living a good life and is happy with it. It was his dream to become a superstar and he has reached that status. He is a huge artist and I feel if he keeps innovating and improving on his style he will reach another level of stardom.

The music video is simple, good lighting effects and overall worth watching. The song is catchy with good lyrics. From a musical perspective, Kane has done a good job with this song.

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