The crazy story behind Raw Thoughts V by Chris Webby

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Alright, so I came across an artist called Chris Webby through No Life Shaq who is a reaction youtuber. Personally, I have been coming across artists that have been speaking out on a number of issues but, Chris Webby outperformed all the expectations I could have had.

Chris Webby has been releasing music since a long time. His first music video came about 12 years ago on youtube and he has been pretty consistent in producing music.

Raw Thoughts is a series of music tracks where basically Chris presents his raw thoughts. I never came across such direct hits aimed at the system in a music video ever. Even people who know about these things would seldom come out talking about them ever in public. However, it seems that Chris is not afraid of the consequences.

You can check out his music video and let me know what you think about it in the comments below.

Help us reach more people

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