The rap beef between Damian Lillard and Shaquille O’Neal

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About 3 years ago, Damian Lillard and Shaquille O’Neal locked horns against each other in a rap battle. In this article, we’ll talk about Damian & Shaquille Rap Beef.

It happened when Damian Lillard commented in a podcast that Shaq wasn’t actually a real rapper and that he actually rapped better than Shaq. Shaq obviously took offence to that and decided to call out Damian in a rap battle.

Damian Lillard is among the best players in the NBA currently. However, he has a lot to win in his career. Damian has never won a championship or an MVP award. Meanwhile, Shaquille O’Neal is a certified legend who has all the major accolades like Finals MVP, Regular Season MVP and championships.

Both guys created 2 diss tracks against each other.

1. Shaq – Freestyle (Damian Lillard Diss – Round 1)

2. Damian Lillard – Reign Reign Go Away

3. Shaq – Second Round Knockout (Damian Lillard Diss – Round 2)

4. Damian Lillard – I Rest My Career

Meanwhile this is what Damian had to say about Shaquille O’Neal when asked about the rap beef.

Shaq also gave his opinion on the rap battle.

So, anyway guys you all let me know who you think won the rap battle.

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