The Rasmus: Living in a world without you Song Meaning and Review

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Living in a world without You is one of my favorite songs by The Rasmus. It was part of the Black Roses album released in 2008.

Song Meaning and Review

‘Living in a world without You’ can be applied to different things that one is attached to. It could be about a person, alcohol or other dr*gs etc. Now, the most common one seems to be that the person was in an abusive relationship and they never thought that they would come out of it.

A lot of times people are attached to those who abuse them and they find it difficult to get out of that relationship. Dependency of this type is very toxic and can actually destroy one’s life. A lot of times people are so deep in love that the idea of leaving the other person feels terrible because they don’t want to deal with separation.

Personally, this songs really resonates with what happened in my life even though I was never in a relationship and it was totally a one sided affair. There was a girl I barely spoke to in real life ever and she knew about my feelings for her. She was in a relationship and never gave a damn about me initially. Even though, I should have let gone of her a long time back, I held on to those feelings in the hope that I might find something out of it because the very thought of being without her was daunting.

Its actually crazy how someone can be attracted to people who ignore them completely. At times, one can even remain attracted to people who abuse them thinking that that is how love is supposed to be. Its a reason why a lot of people stick to abusive partners despite emotional and mental distress.

These people feel like the world might end if they leave their toxic partner. But many times people learn from their situations and are able to escape from them. The song could be based on Lauri’s real life incidents where he eventually realized that he could get over the toxic person and would feel much better when he gets free from her.

Another thing is that the lyrics could also be about Lauri’s battle with alcohol or other dr*gs. Leaving alcohol was a tough thing for Lauri which he thought he could never do but perhaps he did it eventually.

So, there are a lot of ways to look at this song.

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