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Alright guys, its been a long time since I decided to make a video so I thought I will make one today. I just took a bit of a break from creating content. I was working on my website and the promotional aspects of it but I wasn’t quite active in terms of publishing blogs or videos.

I sort of hit a road block in terms of where I wanted to go and the direction I wanted to take. I have been having second guesses and doubts considering the goal that I am trying to accomplish.

Honestly, the vision I see is not that clear at least as of now. Now for some reason I kind of feel weird when people make you feel stupid for being confused or not knowing stuff when they probably haven’t been tested in life.

I feel really irritated when people give advice to you when they don’t know half of the situation that you are in. I have personally seen people who seem incredibly confident take stupid decisions in life then go about lecturing people on how one should remain sure of everything.

Anyway, currently I don’t really know what my next set of moves is going to be. I just know probably one or two steps further that I have to take and maybe I will get guidance accordingly as to what the subsequent steps will be.

What I do know is that I have to do this thing no matter how mind boggling it may seem. I might see things not aligning but I do know that I can’t quit it. It is something that must be done at all costs.

The price of not following my passion is high. It means a lot to me right now. Time is the most valuable asset one has in life and how you spend your time means a lot. If you are not doing what you are meant to do what are you even doing in life.

I believe that there has to be something which wakes you up every morning and makes you feel exhilarated when you do it. The content I create is one thing that gives me that feeling and I just don’t want to leave it.

It is essential to pursue things which give you a sense of meaning and purpose. That is my entire point.

Anyway guys, let me know your opinions in the comments. Take care and bye.

Help us reach more people

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