Is Ash Ketchum a possible clone of Red

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So, amongst the most intriguing stories ever in anime perhaps is the possible story of Ash being a clone of Red. Now, this theory is not considered to be true however when we look at certain hints in Pokemon we realize that it is based on certain logic.

A lot of people simply claim that Ash and Gary are based off of Red and Blue and are simply different characters in the different universes which is quite correct.

However, it is pretty much confirmed that cloning is done in the Pokemon anime. For instance, Mewtwo is an artificial clone of Mew. So, the theory of cloning is pretty much relevant in the anime. This definitely opens up the possibility of Ash being a clone of Red.

There is no direct cue which says that Ash is a clone of Red, however, Ash is a strange character to say the least.

What is clear in the series is that Ash has no father. Professor Oak one of the greatest scientists ever happens to be closely associated with Ash. Theory has it that Red actually was used by Professor Oak to create Ash.

Ash doesn’t age throughout the series. Red’s character is an interesting one. He seems like a normal person on the outside but carries a hint of sadness to him.

He isn’t an all happy person like Ash but is a serious character who goes about his business with a purpose. There is also a theory about him being silent most of the time probably because he underwent trauma. Now, one of the reasons according to the video is that he underwent trauma because Oak was conducting experiments on him.

Oak wanted to extract the DNA of the best Pokemon trainer ever and that is how he created Ash. Ash not aging throughout the series is also a possible hint about him being a clone.

Now, this is a just a theory but it is definitely worth looking at. Let me know your opinions in the comments below.

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