The possible truth about Lana Del Rey’s Summertime Sadness

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Summertime Sadness was released by Lana Del Rey on 22 June 2012 as part of her second studio album ‘Born To Die’.

Song Review and Meaning

Well, I believe summertime sadness was the first song of Lana that I had ever heard. She was a rising star at that point of time and I had no idea as to how far Lana would actually reach.

Lana’s style of music is a unique art form altogether. Its got that vintage vibe to it that makes it feel nostalgic. The rhythm, vocals, etc are all impeccable. I love the raw yet subtle emotions behind her songs.

The song is about how Lana lost her bestfriend a woman who she was also in love with. The music video was filmed in Santa Clarita in California in April 2012.

Kyle Newman and Spencer Susser directed the music video and Newman’s wife Jamie King played Lana’s love interest. Jamie commits suicide saying ‘Remember I’ll always love you’ followed by Lana who jumps off the cliff to do the same after singing the first few lines of the song. The rest of the music video shows them spending time together and how their relationship breaks apart eventually.

Lana can’t cope up with the sadness of losing her beloved and ends up committing suicide herself. At the end of the video we see Lana’s image which is speculated to be a ghost walking on the road.

So, that is the song. I hope you liked it if you hadn’t listened to it before.

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