Handling failure and why giving up is not an option.

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So, you see no one likes to fail. It is something that I believe everyone is scared of. Yet it is among the things that is essential for success. Everyone has failed at sometime or the other.

Now, it depends how you handle failure. At times, it can be grave enough to land a person in serious depression. Other times, it can motivate someone to work harder on their craft. It always acts as a catalyst for a person in either a good direction or a bad one.

You can’t settle for mediocrity. You can’t settle for things when you feel you deserve better. You have one life to live. You have to win once and you will forever be a winner. You will fail several times but you have to keep going in the direction that is meant for you.

The thing is a lot of times people have big dreams. For people who settle for mediocrity, life is hardly a challenge. It just goes by daily and they get done with their work and come back. For other people who dare to move forward towards their dream, there are often challenges that one can’t comprehend in advance.

Eventually, you see in order to become the person that you have dreamed of becoming life has to prepare you by giving you those challenges. When you are caught in struggles like those, people around will not be able to understand as to why you are not able to function properly.

In order to change your life, you have to change your paradigm. When you change your paradigm your life starts to change. But, the thing is that it is a process that can literally turn you upside down. When you start to think differently your entire nervous system gets shaken.

Changing paradigms is the battle of your life. Habits die hard. You see it takes effort to change your mentality. There are going to be doubts. You are going to second guess yourself. It is scary to do things outside your box. It is scary when you walk on paths that few people have walked on.

If you have dared to go on the path that you wanted to then you would resonate with this. It is actually daunting when life puts you in tough situations.

What you will realize in the end is that when you are serious about your goals then giving up is not an option for you. You have to do everything in your power to make it happen.

There is no plan B. When you have a plan B you will never be able to give your all to plan A. It is what it is. You have to put all your focus into the one thing that you want to accomplish.

Anyway, guys that was all from my side.

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