How Busta Rhymes ‘We Made It’ featuring Linkin Park explains the crazy struggle they went through.

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Busta Rhymes and Linkin Park collaborated together to produce a track called ‘We Made It’ in 2008. It is a pretty good song in my opinion and has a lot of depth in it.

Song Meaning

Busta said that the inspiration behind the song was what had happened to T.I after the B.E.T Awards.

The record was inspired by the situation that transpired with T.I. right after the BET Hip-Hop Awards. My legal situations were current, and his legal situations were current, and Akon had his, you know, history of legal situations in the past … We wanted people to — as bad as things might look for us sometimes — just know that it ain’t over until you say it’s over at the end of the day. ‘Cause nobody can really dictate what the outcome of your destiny, what your life is going to end up becoming, unless you let it happen that way.

Busta Rhymes

Busta Rhymes talked about how he spent time in a jail and came out of that situation to become a rapper who earned a decent amount of money and live a good lifestyte. Meanwhile, Mike is rapping about how difficult things were before Linkin Park had a breakthrough.

The Linkin Park band were under a lot of stress before they got signed by a major record label. They got rejected several times and despite all of that the band ended up being very successful.

Linkin Park is one of those bands that has never actually produced a bad song. Even their new songs which some people didn’t like were pretty good in my opinion. This song is pretty good too. I would say a very motivational song indeed. Let me know in the comments what your opinion on the song is or if there is anything else you want me to know.

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