Wisdom Vs Intelligence – Why Wisdom is better than being intelligent.

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Alright guys, so this was something that I was pondering upon for quite some time. There is a difference in being wise and in being intelligent.

Intelligence can be defined as the ability to compute, detect patterns, carry out tasks and derive logical conclusions. While, wisdom in my opinion is knowing the right thing to do. Wisdom is knowing the pros and cons of a particular aspect and knowing how to deal with it.

So, I believe you all would have heard of a story about 4 friends who go to the jungle. Three of the friends are skilled in collectively bring a dead lion back to life while the fourth person although not that skilled in science has common sense and wisdom.

He knows that bring the lion back to life will be a threat to them. Meanwhile, the three intelligent people think that the fourth friend is jealous of their abilities and doesn’t want to see them perform the miracle.

So, they perform it anyway and the fourth friend runs away before the three guys bring the lion back to life. Eventually, the lion ends up eating the three friends while the fourth guy escapes the situation.

There is a saying which goes ‘Smart people don’t make the smartest decisions’. It is actually true in a lot of ways. There have been instances of geniuses acting crazy, going out of their minds etc.

You will find several of them struggling in life. Now, you may say that it is true for all kinds of people which is correct. However, the thing is being smart doesn’t necessarily mean that you will do the right things.

Wise people know the right decision to make. They understand the pros and cons of their choices. It is better to be wise compared to being intelligent. While intelligence may actually be somewhat harder to improve upon, I believe gaining wisdom is never that difficult.

If one is thoughtful, then one will gain wisdom. Wisdom teaches us how to go about life and create the best life possible.

Anyway, that was all. Let me know your opinion in the comments.

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