The Regret for not following your Dream is huge

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Alright, so I believe everyone has a dream in life. Everyone who comes to this life comes here with a purpose. There are certain things that you are meant to do in life, otherwise God would not want you here.

As Henry David Thoreau put it, “Most men live lives of quite desperation”. It’s insanely true and applicable in the world.

A lot of people put their hopes aside in order to live ordinary lives. The masses give up their dreams because they feel scared to pursue them.

For a lot of people it is about fear. Fear of failure and of things not working as planned. However, on another end if you don’t pursue your dream you are only left with guilt and regret.

People are struggling working the jobs they don’t want to. There are huge responsibilities on their shoulders. They have to pay for their loans, mortgage, wife and family.

In situations like these, it feels insane to let go of the security your job provides to pursue your dream.

The weird thing is that following your dream is tough. It might mean cutting off friendships, parties, social gatherings etc in order to take out time to pursue your goal.

Not a lot of people will understand what you are working on, what it means to you and what you aim to accomplish out of all that.

There will be times when you will doubt yourself. There will be times when you will feel a lot of fear.

You will feel that things are not working out. You might have second guesses. Its just natural to have those things. You have to push forward despite feeling disappointments and set backs.

Ultimately, disappointment and set backs are what make life interesting. If things were easy, everyone would do it. There wouldn’t be any fun or joy in accomplishing those things.

Success feels good because it is something that is hard to accomplish. When you go for something and keep moving forward despite all the set backs you realize that you fall in love with the process of making it happen.

It feels good when you accomplish it, because you know how difficult it was to bring it to reality.

The thing is you can’t stay stuck at one place just getting by, because that is the death of your dream. That is the death of the thing that you are meant to accomplish. It is the death of your purpose in life.

So, the thing is you have to do something in order to build a great life. Follow your purpose. Do what feels meaningful to you. Take steps in that direction. Once you start to do it it feels good to travel down that path.

If you go for something like that in your life, it gives you an immense amount of satisfaction. You are miserable staying in the place that you are, so might as well start taking steps in the right direction. Fear not, because God is always with you.

That was all guys. Let me know you opinion in the comments below. Hope you enjoyed. Have fun, take care and bye.

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