Kise Vs Aomine: Kuroko No Basket Matchup Review and Discussion

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Alright, Kise and Aomine were my favorite characters in Kuroko No Basket. Them being matched up together was definitely an exciting thing to watch. Aomine was the reason that Kise picked up basketball and they had playing against each other for a long time. So, here’s a review and discussion on Kise Vs Aomine.

Kise Vs Aomine

For a long time, Kise was trying to beat Aomine in matchups but always ended up loosing to him. Aomine was one player who I believe never lost a one on one. Had he played against Akashi, the story might have been different. Aomine motivated Kise to become better and better at the sport. Kise was usually the one to get bored from sports as he always ended up mastering them but he was somehow never able to surpass Aomine which is one reason why he was always motivated to become better at the sport. His aim was to beat Aomine and surpass him someday which he was yet to achieve.

They finally got to match up against each other when their teams were facing each other. Personally, in my opinion this matchup contained some of the best moves that were ever displayed in the series. Aomine’s moves were amazing in the series. Even though, he was yet to enter the zone yet his moves were tough to apply. Kise had improved a lot since before and was able to keep up to Aomine and pull off the same moves that Aomine did.

The matchup is pretty intense and Aomine is able to get the upper hand in the end. He ends the game with a dunk and his team ends up winning the game. Even though, none of the players had entered the zone I feel like this was definitely a great matchup to watch.

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