5 signs you may be having an inferiority complex and how to deal with it.

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Alright, this was a hard hitting subject and when I came across this video, I was stunned. I found his wisdom on the matter to be extremely accurate and I was glad I came across.

Romany Malco explains inferiority complex

These are the 5 signs of an inherent inferiority complex:

1. Comparing oneself to others unfavorably

2. False Sense of Superiority

3. Extreme sensitivity to criticism

4. Cycles of procrastination and perfectionism

5. Extremely judgemental and critical of others

So, these were the 5 signs of inferiority complex and to be honest I did find a lot of those in myself in some way or the other. What was the most interesting part was the fact that having a false sense of superiority is actually a sign of low self esteem.

Because of feelings of inadequacy, a person with low self esteem might feel like putting their self worth in the little things that they can control for example money, status, etc.

Well the good thing is it is never too late to do the right thing and if you identify some the above signs you can always work on them to improve yourself and your life.

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