Bashar explains why one should act on one’s highest passion

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Bashar is actually a multi dimensional friend that Daryl Anka channels to impart wisdom. One thing that Bashar always mentions is to follow your passion.

Do the thing that gives you the most excitement and use every opportunity find what gives you a sense of joy.

Now, what happens is that when you are focused on doing what gives you excitement and joy you tend to attract more opportunities which further enhance those feelings.

According to quantum mechanics, we tend to jump timelines based on our moods and feelings.

Feelings are vibrations which have frequencies. The frequency we have puts us on the timeline based on that frequency. Thus good feelings put us on good timelines while bad feelings put us on bad timelines.

Also, another important aspect is that when we don’t act on our passion then the universe will not send us more opportunities to act on our passion.

So, just find what gives you joy and bliss and keep following it. Let me know your opinion in the comments below.

Help us reach more people

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