Following Your Passion: How hard is it?

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How hard is it to follow your passion for a living? If it is easy, why does everyone not do it? What guarantee do I have that I will be successful? Is it even possible for someone like me?

These are questions that come to my mind as well. Personally, I did find something that I was passionate about ie. blogging, however I have yet to go full time into doing this thing. To be honest, writing blogs does give me a sense of satisfaction, I do wonder if I will be able to follow it full time. Is it really my life purpose? Is there anything else that the universe has in store for me.

At this point of time, I haven’t been totally successful into doing my passion full time, but I am hopeful that I will be able to do it someday. Meanwhile, I feel I just have to be patient and do what is supposed to be done.

How hard has it been?

Well, it has been over 2 years since I started blogging and I don’t really know when I will be able to do it full time. A lot of times I even wonder if there is anything else that I am more passionate about. Sometimes, I feel scared to think about the fact that whatever I have done might not turn out to be fruitful after all this time. I mean I like creating blogs but obviously, one has the expectation that the effort one makes turns out to be fruitful.

I was in college when I started blogging. Over the years I have gotten better at it. Currently, with the job pressure in my mind I find less and less time to work on my blogs. Personally going full time with my blog is something that I am not even sure of when it will happen. It could happen sooner or later.

I believe the important things is to not loose hope. It is essential to stay true to the vision and move towards it no matter what.

As I started off on this journey, I came across a content creator named Aaron Doughty. It was almost as if the universe was guiding me to take that step. Knowing how important it is to do what you love for a living I definitely took several steps forward in that direction.

Personally, starting this blog seemed like something that was very important to be done. I didn’t know if I was going to be successful in this business or not, but I simply felt that it was a necessary step to take.

All said and done, I do believe that following one’s bliss is essential. After all, we have one life to live if we are not doing what we like doing that we are wasting the precious time in our life.

There are always ways and means to getting things in your life. It is like they say, if you set your mind to something, you can achieve it. So, no matter what the circumstances are, follow your passion and do what you really like. This is one of the most effective ways to raise your vibration and live a great life. If you can achieve this, then you will be really happy in your life.

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