Detaching yourself from money while following your purpose

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So, a lot of times people start their own business in order to make profit for themselves. They may or may not be passionate about it but even if they are passionate about the business, a lot of times there aim is to gain as much money from it as possible.

From what I have experienced, money is the main motivating factor while people start off their ventures. Now, interestingly attachment to money is what causes people to fail in their business or ventures. Because the vibration of needing money from the business many times causes the opposite outcomes.

When I first started writing blogs, I wanted to earn maximum money from it as possible. Somewhere in my mind, the thought is still there but I know that it is not the correct mindset to have when doing business or doing what you love.

At the same time, detaching yourself from the outcome is easier said than done. After all, people do work to earn money. If its not for money then what is it for. So, the idea is simply to let go of the attachment to money and focusing on how one can get maximum satisfaction out of it.

In any case, have a sort of motivation that is different from selfish desires and more about adding value to society. Even I don’t have that kind of mindset as of now. I am still in the process of wiring the detachment from money. What you will find is that when you follow this process, you are more likely to manifest money into your life.

Help us reach more people

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