Narcissists and Setting Boundaries

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So, in a previous blog post, I talked about nice guys and people pleasers. There is another aspect to being a nice guy and people pleaser that you might want to know.

Anyway, a lot of times nice guys attract narcissists into their life. Earlier on, I talked about how some people might be nice people or people pleasers simply because they feel that that is the way to be and move in life. It is fine to be nice to others, but pleasing them at your cost is a bad thing to do.

So, a lot of times nice people don’t have boundaries in their life, meaning that they might not know where to draw the line and where not to. As a result, they might be taken advantage of by other people. Also, they may attract narcissists into their life. This might happen in cases of people who get partners who abuse them. People initially might be scared to walk away from situations like that because that is how they identify themselves to be or that is how it is meant to be.

There are mainly two aspects to this thing that I feel is important. First, it is being aware of what is right and what is wrong. Having boundaries and realizing when boundaries are being crossed and knowing when to leave the person usually the narcissist.

Second thing is that, a lot of people don’t want to leave the person because they may not be ready to do so. Changes in life a lot of times, don’t feel safe when you make them and the person might not want to move out of the comfort zone.

So, have the courage to leave the abusive relationship cause it is harmful in any way. Also, many a times people go back to their abusive partners or friends when they initially leave them. This happens because in case of wives who might come back to their abusive husbands or vice versa is also possible. Or someone could feel lonely because he has no friends and might want to revert back to the toxic friendships.

In this case, the idea is simply that just because you are thirsty, it does not mean that you have to drink poison. It is your right to be surrounded with good things and not bad ones. Once you move on from toxic relations, and change your self image then you will be to attract people worth having in your life. Hope this helps.

Help us reach more people

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