Neediness kills attraction. Detachment is the key to being attractive

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Neediness is the problem that I believe everyone would have dealt with at some point of time in their life. Neediness affects our life in ways that we don’t even know about and it is important to understand the problem.

People think that attraction has to do with looks, physique or confidence but attraction is merely about energy.

When we are needy for someone, that person can literally feel it. You can sense neediness off of a person and likewise. You would know that no one wants to be around a needy person.

It is essential to understand when to interact with someone and when to let go of them. Neediness is not a good vibration to be in because neediness drives away people.

Also, when one is needy they can tolerate disrespect and bare minimum efforts by their partner or friend in a relationship.

The way you deal with neediness is that you realize that you are good either way. You are good if something happens and you are good if it doesn’t. You are fine if someone likes you and you are fine if they don’t.

Detachment not only makes you a more attractive person, it also makes other people difficult to control you. When you are detached, people can’t tempt or manipulate you.

Understanding attraction is important because it is actually linked to the respect you get from people and the impression you form on people.

Have goals in life and pursue them. Pursue what is meaningful to you and do what you are supposed to do. Your intuition will always guide you correctly.

Help us reach more people

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