The story of Modern Talking and their best songs

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Modern Talking was a German pop duo consisting of songwriter and producer Dieter Bohlen and singer Thomas Anders. Formed in West Berlin in 1983, Modern Talking went on to reach phenomenal success with their songs.

They were quite advanced in terms of music production. During the 1980s, electronic elements were being introduced in songs. Modern Talking took full advantage of the shift in pop music and produced tracks which utilized synth wave better than anyone at the time.

It is interesting to note that Modern Talking was among the first few bands whose sales was allowed in Soviet Union despite the four decades of the Cold War.

The two of them had problems with each other and were rather quarrelsome. They disbanded in 1987 despite being quite successful.

Bohlen cited Anders’ then wife Nora as the main reason for their split, which Thomas admitted in his autobiography. Nora had objected to Anders being interviewed by female reporters and had demanded major changes to shows, videos and recordings.

The two of them reportedly had a verbal fight on the phone and broke off contact for over 10 years.

Both of them were busy in their solo careers and doing shows across the globe. Bohlen formed his own project named Blue System and produced hit tracks like “Sorry Little Sarah”, “Under My Skin” etc. 

Meanwhile Anders went touring in different continents under the name of ‘Modern Talking’ till about 1989. After that he worked as a solo artist and released his own albums and tracks which were also successful.

Anders came back to Koblenz, Germany in 1994. After that, the duo put their differences aside and started working together again in 1998. They produced some new songs while also releasing remixed versions of their earlier songs some of which were a great commercial success.

The group disbanded again in 2003 reportedly after the negative portrayal of Anders in Bohlen’s autobiography released on 4th October 2003. Its crazy that even though their chemistry looked great on camera, they aren’t really friends in real life.

Nevertheless, Modern Talking has produced several great tracks and these 2 in particular are my favorite ones by them.

1. Cheri Cheri Lady

2. Geronimo’s Caddillac

Anyway, that was all guys. Let me know your opinions in the comments below.

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