Was Kai actually better than Tyson?

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Well, Tyson and Kai are the main characters in Beyblade and are also among the strongest players in the game. Now, some people do wonder as to who among Kai and Tyson is a better blader.


In the first season, when Tyson faces Kai for the very first time his blade gets destroyed by Kai. At that time he didn’t have Dragoon. Tyson challenges him shortly afterwards when he gains Dragoon and the match is a tie. During the tournament Tyson defeats Kai in the first round. Kai manages to beat Tyson in the second round and Tyson is able to beat Kai in the 3rd round by a slight margin. However, Kai does beat Tyson after gaining Black Dranzer when they face each other for the final time in that season.


In the 2nd season, Tyson manages to beat Zeo who beats Kai.


In the 3rd season, Kai and Tyson battle again for the World Championship and Tyson ends up winning by a few seconds. Both Kai and Tyson were exhausted from previous matches that day and Kai wanted to be on even terms with Tyson while facing him. Kai goes the extra mile to face Brian and Spencer, before facing Tyson so that Tyson is not at a disadvantage. So, considering both players were equally exhausted before facing each other, I would say Tyson won the battle fair and square. Some people might argue that Kai had a more intense battle before compared to Tyson but I don’t think that we can absolutely say that as a conclusion.

Beyblade Rising Manga (Season 4)

Now, first of all Tyson has won most of the major battles against Kai and has managed to beat players who even defeated Kai. In their last battle(World Tournament during G-Revolution) which was shown clearly, Tyson won the match against Kai.

However, later on when the manga for Beyblade Rising was released, it was shown that Kai won the last battle with Tyson which happened in the last episode of Beyblade G- Revolution. The result of that battle was not shown and the season ended just when they started the battle. So, Kai finally won the last battle between him and Tyson according to the manga of Beyblade Rising.

However, I am not sure if we can conclude Kai is better than Tyson. However, it is interesting to note the following points.

Beyblade can be viewed as a team sport if you consider the person and the bit-beast to be a team. Well, yeah in that case there is definitely a strong argument for Kai to be a better blader as most people would say that Dragoon is better than Dranzer.

Another theory which supports this fact is that while Kai had Black Dranzer, he was absolutely unbeatable. The rest of the Blade Breakers (Max, Ray and Tyson) had to unite to beat Kai as Kai had beaten Tyson by a clear margin during their battle. They had to unite and also use original Dranzer to beat Kai with Black Dranzer.

Now, there was another strong opponent called Brooklyn in G-Revolution. Brooklyn beats Kai the first time they meet. Kai undergoes depression and is shocked at his loss. But he comes back to beat him when they meet in the tournament.

Kai was able to master the hard metal system in just a few hours to and is able to defeat Brooklyn. Brooklyn after that battle faces Tyson and the winner is not really shown clearly. We don’t get to see whose blade stops first. Tyson in that battle clearly uses a lot of help from his friends as their bit-beasts can be seen uniting with Tyson’s blade to support him in the match. We can probably assume that Tyson won that battle, since BEGA is destroyed and BBA is restored. But again, it is an assumption not a conclusion. The fact that Kai was able to beat Brooklyn on his own speaks a lot about his ability.

So, well you can decide as to who is a better blader between Kai and Tyson. At the moment, Kai has a strong case to be better than Tyson.

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8 thoughts on “Was Kai actually better than Tyson?”

  1. I know kai defeated brooklyn but he did not fave his dark powers he only faced his normal and easy powers but after all tyson stood up against brooklyn for quite a long time even though he matched up against darkness of god so.it clearly means kai dranzer do not stand a chance against dragoon and tyson and if first battle counts than kai knew the power of bit beasts and tyson not know the power of dragoon and in second battle kai dranzer gets defeated .

    1. In the manga of Beyblade Rising, it is shown that Tyson looses his final battle with Kai. The final battle happens at the end of G Revolution, the result was not declared in the series.

      1. Still Tyson won more battles against kai & that last battle wasn’t shown so it’s not reality that kai actually won or not. Kai fans uses this imaginary result everywhere to prove kai better but still Tyson is the best beyblader & main character

        1. Well, that is true. However in the manga Kai does win the last battle although the episodes based on the manga are yet to be produced. Going by the episodes produced Tyson could be considered better than Kai. If the episodes are made as a continuation of the main series we will come to know as to who won and who lost.

    2. Are you mad that was not the match where they both played with their bitbeasts
      If dranzer doesn’t stand a chance against Tyson then why Tyson is unable to beat Kai at their first level match in G revolution it was draw
      And even at the second level they both came to equal level even their bit beasts went in but it all matters with the strength kai lost because he had many explosive attacks on him by Ray
      Where Tyson didn’t face much against max and even kai came by fully practising and getting exhausted when he plays a match
      against Tyson

  2. whatever..maybe you’re the fan of tyson..but if you count the total percentage then kai is in a higher position than tyson.and hero also said that brooklyn used his full strength.and kai even cure and go to battle and won.and in the rising manga kai won..tyson maybe the main character but kai is the strongest.

    1. Going by the manga, Yes Kai might actually be better than Tyson since he wins the last battle. However, the episodes are not produced yet. Going by the episodes Tyson could be considered better. Kai is quite impressive in his own right. Him overcoming Brooklyn all by himself speaks volumes about his caliber.

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