Getting Rich Quick Schemes: My opinion on them

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Getting Rich Quick Schemes are pretty easy to find. The Internet and social media is loaded with such offers which seem like it is quite easy to earn massive amounts of money in a short time. While there are people who are doing that right now, these schemes usually don’t work if you are starting out.

Now, the thing is there is literally proof for everything in this world. You might say get rich quick schemes work because of so and so person who won a lottery or some person who got a high paying job in the beginning of his career, while there are other people who might give examples of people who had to really work hard and put in a lot of effort to reach the place that they are right now. Also, at the same time there are people who have the privilege of being born in a rich family and they remain rich through out their lives.

For most people, I have seen that they have to go through certain trials and tribulations in order to be successful. For example, if you think a lakh dollars a year is a lot of money, then your mind won’t be able to digest earning a million dollars a year. So, if something seems to be a big target for you then it is going to be hard to get to that place most likely.

In my case, I was one person who was ready to take all the steps required in order to reach the financial status that I wanted. Blogging was the thing that came to my mind and I decided to blog. I was quite naive and I still am and I came across several videos where in people talked about how to earn thousands of dollars through your blog. There were bloggers talking about how you could make thousands of dollars within a month. I was like, maybe I might reach this status in about a year or two. It took me like one year to reach 100 visitors per month and 2 years to reach 1000 visitors a month. So, it was definitely quite difficult and I am still in that phase where in I have yet to convert it into a substantial income. The blog is growing a lot faster however and I feel like things are really going to be great in the future.

The point is that get rich quick schemes in my opinion will most likely not work the way that you want them to. Now, there is another concept called importance that we attach to things which proves to be a hindrance in manfesting things.

Putting that aside, in my experience I haven’t yet reached my goals in terms of financial status. The guys that I follow like Aaron Doughty etc also took around 3 years to become comfortable financially. Things take time for most people.

Be careful when people talk about how you can increase your money tenfold within a small period of time etc. Those things probably won’t be effective and you will end up loosing your time and money. Research and read as many reviews as you can about the different things that have been offered to learn.

Hope this blog post helps. Take care and bye.

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