Chinese Zodiac: Certain Basics and information

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Alright guys, so the Chinese Zodiac is considered to be the most accurate forms of astrology by several experts. It is highly recommended by Gary Grinberg aka GG33. So, the zodiac signs are based on the year that one is born into.

Timeline of Chinese Zodiac Signs Video link :

Each zodiac sign has one enemy and two friends. The signs opposite to each other on the chart are enemies while every fourth sign before and after your sign is a friend.

Friend Years : Video link:
Enemy Signs Video link:

Using this chart, you can figure out people you need to be wary of and the ones that will work out best for you. Also, by studying the characteristics of zodiac signs one can know how to deal with certain people born on that zodiac sign.

An example of enemies numbers is Kobe and Shaq born on the Horse and the Rat Year respectively.

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