Bill Gates and the current state of Vaccinations

Bill Gates has been at the fore front of the pandemic giving health advices despite the fact that he is not a doctor. Meanwhile, expert doctors were being silenced on giving their opinions regarding the pandemic. Also, his friendship with the Epstein after knowing what Epstein was about is something to look at. So, in this article we’ll talk about Bill Gates and the current state of Vaccinations.

A lot of people have raised questions as to whether the vaccines were effective, how were they developed in a such a short time, do they have any side effects which might be harmful etc.

Bill Gates and the current state of Vaccinations

Meanwhile, podcasters like Joe Rogan and Russell Brand called out Bill Gates for profiting heavily from the vaccines and later actually making a U turn on their vaccination stand.

Bill actually talked about the vaccines were effective for only a short duration and that they weren’t capable of fighting new variants and had other shortcomings after profiting massively from their development.

This is not the first time that Bill has made U turns like that. It was reported that Bill Gates had suggested demonetization in India and later backed off from the move.

While that is a different story, it is astonishing that Bill has changed his stand on the vaccine front claiming the vaccines to be ineffective while heavily promoting it earlier. One could say that he changed his opinion after observing the effectiveness of vaccines after they had been deployed around the world.

While realizing that this was an unnecessary move, I think there should have been more responsibility at his end to foresee this situation. Let me know what you guys think in the comments below.

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