Ding Liren wins Chess World Championship against Ian Nepomniachtchi while Magnus takes a break and enjoys himself on the side

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So, Ding Liren is officially the World Chess Championship. Ding faced Ian Nepomniachtchi. 14 games were played between the champions and they ended at a 7-7 draw.

Then as they moved to the tie breakers where they played 4 games, Ding managed to 2 games and Ian managed to win 1 game with both of them drawing a game.

Meanwhile, former world champion Magnus Carlsen had expressed his desire to refrain from the World Championship. Apparently, Magnus had grown tired of winning and wanted to take some time off and chill with Alexandra and Andrea Botez.

So, this is the situation as of now we have a new world champion with Ding Liren who created history by becoming the first Chinese to ever do it while Magnus is off to play Poker and create history in that game.

A lot of people I believe even Ding might have the question that had Magnus been playing the Championship, would he have still won?

Magnus spoke about why he didn’t want to defend his title saying that he was not feeling motivated to play and there wasn’t much to gain from it.

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