Oprahside: 3 am drunk motivation, how I discovered him etc.

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As of now there has been some controversy around him regarding some youtubers calling him out for scam. Now, I don’t have the complete picture so I am not going to comment on it. However, this video of his is one of my favorites and I felt inspired watching him. So, I thought about sharing it.

So, I started watching NBA in 2016. During that time, I came across a youtuber named Oprahside who used to react to basketball videos and somehow I liked his videos and checked out a few other videos by him.

Oprahside was definitely one of my favorite youtubers back at that time. Being somewhat new to the NBA, I was quite excited about basketball and I really loved watching all types of basketball content especially his. Now, he has come a long way and started off his own venture called Likemnds and meanwhile he still makes videos pretty often although less often than before.

So, Oprahside in this video talks gives a bit insight into himself, his story and his aim is mainly to inspire people. I feel you should watch this, it might help you. This will definitely resonate with you if you aim to follow your passion which was the case with me too when I started this blog channel.

Help us reach more people

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