Attracting money and success. Things that I should have known earlier

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Alright, so I don’t really know how to start off with this blog post but it was super important for me to talk about this. For some reason, I always knew that financial independence was super important to me. I hardly placed emphasis in my life on romance or stuff like that but being comfortable financially was definitely a goal I had in my mind a long time (almost 3 years to be precise).

I had seen videos about passive income and I knew I had to come up with some source of a passive income. So, I started a blog. This was definitely the most feasible idea that came to my mind and I went ahead with it. I was ready to reach the status that I wanted to reach and I was willing to do what it took.

However, as I went along this journey I definitely learnt a lot of things even though I may not have reached the status that I wanted. So, the thing is that my intentions behind writing the blogs were dominated by my own selfish desires to gain money rather than adding value to people. This was the story in the beginning.

Now, when you are chasing money or if you are chasing anything could be a person that you are in love with, that things tends to run away from you. This is quite true as I have experienced it first hand. Also, the true intentions behind your actions is what really makes the difference behind everything that you do.

This is the scale of consciousness according to David Hawkins. Emotions below courage are destructive emotions while courage and the ones above are constructive emotions.

So, the hidden emotions behind my work was mainly desire which actually caused me to fail. Earlier on, I was writing blogs which would be based off on topics that had higher search volumes so that I could get more traffic which would maximize my earnings.

However, those blogs would never get ranked and I would never generate traffic off of those. In fact, I pretty much ended up wasting my time.

So, later on as I got to know these things, I started to change my focus and write blogs based on what I really loved writing about. I also, started to care less about traffic and focused on how I could actually enjoy what I was writing. This actually caused more and more traffic to come to the blog. Within the last 3 months I actually had way more growth than I had the entire year.

So, the idea is that your intentions should be to serve and add value to the people and not merely focus on your gains. Make sure that the emotions fueling you to take action lie at the level of courage(200) or above.

Help us reach more people

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