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Fame is a huge commodity in itself in today’s world. Fame is basically the access to other people’s attention.

A lot of people tend to have a negative connotation with fame and people who want to be famous may be judged for having this desire.

However, it can pay off huge dividends if you are in the field of creative works, content creation or an influencer.

Whitney Uland is a mindset coach who helps her clients reach fame and gain massive followings. She has worked with all types of clients some of who were just starting out, while some who had reached a good amount of publicity.

She has dedicated her life to understanding what is exactly the factor that helps people become famous.

One of the major lessons I learnt from her was to be completely authentic to oneself even if it might trigger certain people.

One has to be completely authentic in order to attract fame. If one is conscious about how one may be perceived then it implies that the brain is not ready to digest fame.

Also, it talks about how influencers and content creators hit a plateaued level from which they find it very difficult to move forward. Her insights on how self sabotage plays a role in hindering people from achieving success are mind blowing.

You can check out her YouTube channel or Instagram ID to see more of her content.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@whitneyuland3402

Instagram: whitneyuland

Help us reach more people

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