The Sinister Message behind Michael Jackson’s ‘They Don’t Care About Us’

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Michael Jackson’s song ‘They Don’t Really Care About Us’ was released on 16th April 1995. It is among his most popular songs ever. So, here’s They Don’t Care About Us Song Review.

Michael Jackson was one of the most influential artists ever. His life and career was full of ups and downs. He was at the peak of stardom and suffering heavy criticism from the media. Michael was a vocal critic of the system and the music industry. Michael was aware of a lot of things that are hidden to most people.

They Don’t Care About Us Song Review & Meaning

Disclaimer: This is my interpretation of the song, I could be wrong about it.

So, the song ‘They Don’t Really Care About Us’ from its title is very easy to understand. But who is ‘they’ that Michael is referring to. Michael in my opinion is referring to the people in positions of power who dictate terms, conditions, policy and have a major control over the world.

The industry and the system was very cruel to Michael and Michael has expressed so many times. It wasn’t just with Michael but with several other stars who have had the same story(K*nye West, B*itney Spears) etc. Michael was accused and probably framed of assaults(p*dophill*a) which I believe he was innocent of.

The song is about how politicians and similar figures project that they are there to help people but in fact it is the quite opposite. The people are divided so that they can be controlled on the basis of race, relegion, economic status etc so that they are busy fighting amongst themselves while the bad people at the top get away with heinous crimes.

Michael mentions Roosevelt and Martin Luther as heroes. Now, I think he is referring to Martin Luther King Jr. who was a civil rights activist and is among the most well known figures to have ever fought for people’s rights. Michael probably is mentioning Franklin D. Roosevelt since he says he. Franklin’s wife Eleanor was a major figure who did a lot for human rights as well. Michael probably feels that if these people were alive and they knew about it, they would do something to eradicate it.

Anyway, guys let me know how you feel about this song. Feel free to leave your opinions.

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