A look at Sophia Franklyn and how she fumbled a 30 million dollar contract

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So, who is Sophia Franklyn? She is an Instagram model, influencer and the host of the podcast ‘Sophia with an F’.

She has over 700,000 followers on Instagram and lives in a beautiful apartment most likely in New York(I’m not sure).

She is living a good life at least that is what it seems on the outside. She may come across as entitled which a lot of people who know her would call her.

She has openly claimed to asking guys their bank balances on the first date. She is all business when it comes to her partner’s financial status.

And she has also claimed to have cheated on her boyfriends in relationships.

How she fumbled a 30 million USD contract?

So, both her and Alexandra Cooper were hosts of the ‘Call Her Daddy’ podcast owned by Barstool. At the time, they were each paid $75000 per year. Also, according to sources they could each earn $2500 any time the show reach 10% more than its average audience.

Sophia and Alex perhaps felt underpaid and stopped recording shows in April 2020 for several weeks.

Sophia’s boyfriend Peter Nelson was an HBO executive and found both of them a new deal even though they were under contract at the time.

Barstool founder David Portnoy offered both of them a revised deal which would pay them high six figure salaries. Sophia for some reason didn’t take the offer while Alex decided to stick with Barstool.

Alex decided to go ahead without Sophia announcing that they would be selecting another co-host soon. In June 2021, Alex signed a new deal worth 60 million dollars with Spotify to present the podcast exclusively on their platform.

Meanwhile, Sophia launcher her own podcast called ‘Sophia with an F’ which is also doing fine, but nowhere close to ‘Call Her Daddy’ as of now.

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