The meaning and explanation behind ‘Can You Feel My Heart’ by Bring Me The Horizon

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‘Can You Feel My Heart’ is perhaps the most significant piece of music that Bring Me The Horizon has ever created. The song was released on 8th October 2013 as the fourth and final single from the studio album ‘Sempiternal’.

It was written by singer Oliver Sykes, guitarist Lee Malia and keyboardist Jordan Fish who wasn’t even officially a part of the band at that time in 2012. Jordan had a major role in overall creation and writing of the song and officially joined the band in 2013.

Jordan’s addition had a very direct impact on the creation of their music going further. The electronic element was missing in their earlier music. Jordan filled the gap and elevated their music to a different level altogether.

The overall flow was much better and the rhythm was greatly improved. I was not much of a fan of their music prior to the ‘Sempiternal’ album. Most of their songs before 2012 felt like them screaming with no aim whatsoever and just making random noises if I were to be brutally honest.

However, this song changed the way that I viewed the band and I also liked some of their other songs produced afterwards like ‘Throne’ for example which was also a very good song.

Song Meaning

Oliver Sykes spoke about the meaning behind the song. The song was about admitting that one has a problem and it is about realizing that in order to move forward, one has to admit and acknowledge that there is something wrong.

Can You Feel My Heart’ is all about admittance, admitting you have a problem and admitting something’s wrong, that’s the first step of the whole album. In my life, I had to admit certain things to go further. They all deal with different topics.

Oliver Sykes

The song gives a glimpse of what the person is going through. Often times, we deal with problems that are not known to other people. No one apart from ourselves realize the problems we are having.

The lyrics talk about one feeling despair and hopelessness. It seems like no one can fully understand our problems and that we are alone in our battles.

Through the lyrics ‘Can You Hear The Silence, can you see the dark, can you fix the broken and can you feel my heart’ the singer is pointing to the fact that rarely can people recognize what one is going through, and many times the solution for problems lies within us only.

These issues often affect our relationships with people. One may feel lost or a sense of confusion while connecting with other people. This often times results in people isolating themselves even when they don’t like being lonely. It is important to realize one’s problems and admit them so that one can resolve them.

The song encourages us to push forward because there is always light at the end of the tunnel. It is about realizing that everyone is going through problems and one has to face one’s challenges and overcome them to move forward in life.

That was my take on the song. Let me know your opinions in the comments below.

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