A look at Gary Moore and his best songs

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Gary Moore was a Northern Irish musician who was best known for his guitar skills and was also part of bands like Skid Row, Thin Lizzy and many others.

One thing that struck me about Gary was his ability to convey emotions through his music. His art was one that was simple and yet could ignite feelings in ways one could never have thought of.

His music comprised of different variations like blues rock, hard rock, heavy metal among others. Several people who know Gary Moore would have him in their list of greatest guitarists ever.

Many musicians have cited him as an influence in the field of music. Not only was he an exceptional guitarist, but also a great singer and songwriter.

These are among my favorite tracks by Gary Moore –

1. Loner

2. Crying in the Shadows

3. Empty Rooms

These are my favorite 3 songs by the late legend.

Gary Moore will always be remembered for his contribution in the rock world. He passed away on 6th October 2011 but is still remembered for the music he wrote.

Let me know you think of himan his music in the comments below. Have fun, take care and bye.

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