John Newman talks about Love Me Again and the story behind the song

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Love Me Again is arguably the most popular song by John Newman. It was released on 17th May 2013 as part of the ‘Tribute’ album. John Newman blew up on another level after the release of this song.

This song was featured as the soundtrack of FIFA 14 video game and also FIFA 23 for the extension for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The music video of the song has about 960 million views on youtube (currently as of 12 March 2023).

Story behind the song Love Me Again

So, John Newman talked about the inspiration behind the song. The song is about what most people think it is. It is about Newman trying to get back with his ex.

John had cheated on his ex-girlfriend and they had broken up. He felt really guilty about what he had done and wanted to express it to her.

John decided to surprise her by showing up at her workplace in Dorset. He asked her if she could love him again.

I kinda really messed up with my ex-girlfriend and she was working down in Dorset for a bit so I jumped on a train went and surprised her and kind of just turned up at her work.

John Newman to MTV UK

She refused so it didn’t turn out well for him. However, when he got back he decided to write a song about it and that is how he ended up writing ‘Love Me Again’.

The thing is, when you’re going through a break-up you go through the one and the two, and then you finally split up, and signed, sealed delivered. It was the first time I really messed up and you know, I was ready to move on anyways, so it’s all good.

John Newman in an interview with Fresh 102.7 Host – Dylan

Newman was asked about how his ex feels about him writing his songs based on her and their separation to which he replied that she doesn’t mind it and is glad for him to put out his feelings.

She was glad I was putting it out there and not just hiding it all away. She pats me on the back and says, ‘Well done for growing some balls!’

John Newman to Q Magazine

Newman co-wrote the song with Steve Booker and the song is also co-produced by Mike Spencer. Newman was big into football and FIFA which was among his favorite games ever. He was ecstatic about having his song featured in FIFA 14.

John Newman on gaming and being featured in video games

Yeah. The guy I wrote it with (Steve Booker), we turned around and had massive grins on our faces thinking, ‘There’s something good here’. But you just never know how good it is, you know?

John Newman on how he felt producing the song

John spoke about his experience writing the song and also about the girl he wrote it about. John feels like it was selfish of him to put out his opinion and not know about hers. He hasn’t spoken to her about how she feels regarding the situation.

Hello by Adele was an inspiration in writing this song. John talked about how he felt that there was a need to talk about this situation and he decided to express it through his music.

John on the story behind Love Me Again

In the interview with Telegraph, John spoke about his relationship breakup, the process of creating the song and how he felt when the song peaked across the world.

The song has 2 music videos. The main video is a classic story of Romeo and Juliet who meet at John’s performance. Juliet, is French actress Margaux Billard, carefully watched over by her brother, Tybalt, played by Joseph Steyne. The Romeo, is British model, Tommy-Lee Winkworth. Romeo and Juliet both run away from the place and end up in a hit and run accident in the music video. It is later disclosed that both of them survive the accident in the music video for ‘Cheating’ by John Newman. Cheating is again about Newman cheating on the same ex girlfriend that he wrote ‘Love Me Again’ about.

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