My Opinion on Hold That Heat by Southside feat. Travis Scott and Future

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‘Hold That Heat’ is a song by Southside and Future featuring Travis Scott. It was released on 22nd April 2022. Southside and Travis produced this track about 8 months before it was released and Travis decided to recruit Future in the song.

Hold That Heat Song Review and Meaning

Now, Travis Scott produces absolutely fire stuff. He along with Southside came up with this song having kind of repetitive lyrics, nonetheless incredible instrumentals and trap beats.

Travis and Future are known to be boastful about their lifestyle in their songs and this song is no different. Heat or heater refers to guns in slang language and Future and Travis are both known to have gang affiliations. Travis even mentions snipers in his lyrics thus you know that he is talking about guns and firearms.

Travis and Future mentions their lifestyle in vague and loose terms. The overall theme is about them having power through gang affiliations, having loose women around for pleasure and travelling places. Both talk about popping p*lls, sleeping around and doing all sorts of things for pleasure.

So, we have the artists showcasing everything worth showcasing- money, expensive jewelry, women etc. The song displays their hedonistic lifestyle which their fans are already aware of.

Music Video

In the music video, we have Travis Scott with his pet crocodile just passing time in the motel and singing. Meanwhile, Southside is repeating the chorus while staring in the mirror. Future shows up vibing well with Travis and Southside. They have a p*le dancer and are having the time of their life(well so it seems). So, listen to the song Hold That Heat on Youtube, Spotify or Apple Music.

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