Tell Your friends: The Weeknd Song Meaning and Story

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Tell your friends is a song by The Weeknd and it is a part of his album ‘Beauty Behind the Madness’. It was released on 24th August 2015.

Song Meaning

In the song, The Weeknd is referring to his life in the past. He left high school and ran away from home and moved to Parkdale neighborhood of Toronto. He along with his friends were homeless and used to have mattresses in the back of the van. Apparently he along with his friends used to do petty thefts in order to gain money which they ended up spending to get s*x or probably getting high. Later on, he rented a one bed room appartment. They would steal food from the supermarket to feed themselves.

As soon as I stepped foot in the city, it was a feeling I got addicted to. Lights, no sleep – either you’re going to make it or die trying.

The Weeknd on his past

He is also comparing his past to the life that he is living right now. After getting money and fame, he has choices to be with whichever woman he wants to when he refers to choices. He could also be referring to someone he knows in the past saying go tell your friends who know The Weeknd about how far he has come and look at what he has become- a guy who sings hit songs about popping p*lls, sleeping with women and living life.

Video Analysis

Now, in the video we see Abel burying himself in the sand with a shovel. We also see a man along with him in the desert. Now, Abel turns around and shoots this person.

Now, if you have seen the ‘Can’t feel my face’ video, this same guy was the one who kickstarts The Weeknd’s career. It is pretty strange as to why The Weeknd would shoot him after what he has done for him. But, I guess The Weeknd didn’t like the deal that he has made with him and wants to escape him for some reason. After that, The Weeknd leaves the place in his car.

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