The Story of ‘Highest In The Room’ by Travis Scott

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Travis Scott is among the most popular faces in the music industry today. His connection with Kylie Jenner and the Kardashians only made his popularity grow further and beyond.

‘Highest in the room’ is one of his best songs in my opinion. It was launched on 4th of October 2019.

Travis as an individual maybe bad in many different ways, however one thing that no one can deny about him is that he is dope when it comes to producing music. He has some of the sickest beats in his music.

Story behind the song

Travis talks about being so deep in dr*gs that he feels like he is on a different level compared to others in the same room. He is referring to himself as the highest in the room referring to the fact that he is the most intox*cated one in the room.

He describes the room being filled with his fumes which produces hallucinations in his mind that he refers to as ideas.

Then, he hopes to make it out of there. It could mean getting out alive from the intox*cations or getting rid of the habit. There is an instance in the video where he seems to be squeezing past people.

It is actually eerily similar to his ‘Astroworld’ concert where people were trying to get away from the congested crowd to get breathing space. About 10 people even died in that event.

He also mentions his relationship with Kylie Jenner in the song. When Kylie saw Travis she knew that he was trouble, and to be honest it didn’t matter to her because the Kardashians are the bigger trouble to the men who get involved with them.

He describes his time with Kylie saying that she made him feel alive even though their love was fake. Their lifestyle was rampant with them driving around in fast cars, having s*x and getting high.

When they got together in April 2017, Travis wasted no time and Kylie gave birth to their kid ‘Stormi’ in February 2018. Now, what is crazy is the fact that these two actually split about two days before the song was officially released.

Travis refers to his break up with Kylie in the 2nd verse when he talks about there ain’t no coming back from here. He thought that those two would never get together after that but they actually did in real life.

He mentions how there is no stressing about who gets what in terms of property as they were never married to begin with.

He talks about his life being the one that he didn’t choose. Its strange but it could be that certain things in his life were unexpected and ones that he didn’t choose.

In the video, there is a point where in his robotic opponent kicks away his shoe which somewhat enrages him. This is also similar to the event when he was enraged on a fan who tried to steal his shoe at his concert.

Overall, the song instrumentals are fire. The music video is somewhat intriguing too. So, the song is quite good in my opinion.

Anyway guys, this was all about the song. Let me know your opinion in the comments below.

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