The Story of the Iconic Song ‘Sicko Mode’ by Travis Scott

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Sicko Mode is one of the most popular songs by Travis Scott and it also features Drake. The song was released on 21st August 2018.

Song Review and Meaning

Well, so we have a song by the diabolical Travis Scott and Drake featuring in it. Sicko Mode is basically Drake talking about Travis rising to the top of the rap game and being a beast in the music industry.

Before Drake gives the pass with the basketball reference ‘Pick and Roll’ to Travis, he talks about his wealth status by showing people that his dog wears a Louis belt.

We then have Travis Scott flexing on his status as musical superstar and the things that he is able to do now. He makes it to the booth to record with ice referring to jewelry and the police pulls up to him and tell him to jump out. His crew get off the cars(coupes) in Nike shoes.

Travis talks about how fame’s effect on his life and he had to go to his hometown Missouri City to duck the media that was after him in Los Angeles. He is back after working hard on his album and now ready to roll. He came in wearing different colored chains and people think his jeweller was selling fruits.

In the bridge played by Swae Lee and Big Hawk talk about there haters taking shots at them and they say that they are motivated to prove their haters wrong.

Travis talks about how he can sue people probably his exes too who make money with his music remixes and sounds but he doesn’t do it because he would rather spend his time enjoying with the crew doing dr*gs.

Then, Travis talks about him getting making out with a girl in a luxury car before they even get to the room. She thinks that their love is deep like the ocean but its actually shallow like the pool.

Then we have Drake again talking about the transition of his life from high school where he used to use the bus to commute for dance and now he has suitcases in his hands while flying around private jets. He even aims subliminal disses at Kanye West and Pusha T (most likely) in his verses.

The song has reached a billion views on the internet. Personally, musically its not among the songs that I’m really fond of listening to but I like the story behind it. Drake’ part(the 2nd verse) has an amazing beat and instrumental. Its one of my favorite parts to listen to.

The video is amazing as well.

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