Gary Grinberg: Numerologist Review and Opinion

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So, I actually came across Gary Grinberg who is a numerologist. He is also quite an expert in reading Chinese Zodiac signs.

He does not talk about normal astrology all that often but he probably knows about astrology as well. He also goes by the initials #GG33.

As far as numerology is concerned Gary does seem to be extremely efficient at it. He brings up real anecdotal evidences to back his claims.

For example, he mentions how certain leaders went down in their enemy years(according to Chinese Zodiac), how players benefitted from wearing certain jersey numbers, how events were based around certain numbers etc.

What is great about him is that the knowledge he shares is extremely easy to understand. One doesn’t need to read several different theses to understand his theories because he is incredibly effective at explaining them.

Gary Grinberg helped the Golden State Warriors win a championship. It is the reason why he has a championship ring.

His contribution was related to using numerology to help the team win the championship like which players to sign, what jersey numbers to use etc.

You can check out his youtube channel, or instagram to know more about numerology. He even has paid courses so you can use them if you feel like.

That was all guys. Let me know your opinions in the comments below.

Help us reach more people

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