The Story behind ‘Sweet Child O Mine’ by Guns N Roses

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Guns N Roses is a hard rock band that was mainly active during the 1980s and 1990s. However, they still perform at concerts. Some members have left the band while some do get together to perform. In this article, we’ll talk about Sweet Child O Mine Review.

Slash and Axl Rose recently performed Sweet Child O Mine live in Dallas Texas during the ‘Nothing In This Lifetime’ tour. It actually reminded me of how great this song used to be and how often I used to listen to this.

Sweet Child O Mine Review, Facts and Meaning

The song is a love song which Axl has written about his love interest Erin Everly. He married her about a few years later. Their marriage lasted for some time and it ended later.

The entire song is about how Erin makes Axl feel and at the end Axl is simply wanting to know where to go, whether the relationship will work or rather where Erin wants to take the relationship.

Slash is known to have love/hate relationship with the song because he found the initial guitar riff (which is thought of to be legendary by most people) to be worthless. Its ironic that this particular guitar riff was voted as the most iconic guitar riff of all time by a particular poll. Link:-

I find the guitar riff to be okay not that good though. But the guitar solo is by Slash is definitely something else. The build up during the initial part of the solo at 2:30 leading to how it transforms at 3:00 is amazing. Axl’s vocal performance at the end gets me every time I hear it.

One of the things that always bugged me about Sweet Child… was that it was an uptempo ballad, which didn’t fit what Guns N’ Roses was all about as far as I was concerned. So that song annoyed me every time it came up in the set. It really bugged me!

The saving grace for me was the solo section. That was a very organic solo that came together simply. When we said, ‘Here’s the chord changes,’ it occurred very spontaneously, and I always looked forward to that part of the song in the set. It was completely different to the rest of the song.


In my opinion, a crazy song with crazy vocals and a crazy guitar solo to top it off. This song is one of a kind and really an entertaining one to listen to.

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