Where was Adolf Hitler during World War 1?

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Adolf Hitler widely known as one of the greatest mass murderers to ever exist played a major role in leading Germany during the World War 2. However, where was Hitler during World War 1?

Prior to World War 1, Hitler was in Vienna and living as a struggling artist. He wanted to join the Vienna academy of fine arts and failed to do so. This rejection seemed to be enough to enrage Hitler and close himself from the world. He was probably consummated by his own thoughts and political opinions and loved to give political speeches and disliked when people disagreed with him.

He was a loner who did not even long for the company of women as he rejected those that approached him. Although he did spend his savings attending the opera and dressing up like a gentleman. When his friend got selected in the Vienna conservatory to study music, he got jealous and left the appartment that he shared with him without a prior notice.

He was homeless for quite a while and was sleeping on the streets. Even though his savings were diminishing every day, he refused to find a job. He was finally accepted into a local homeless shelter. To earn money, he was shovelling snow and doing other sorts of physical labour.

This would be his lifestyle for years and he would get exposed to the political problems that were plaguing the public. Despite having hatred for the Jews, Hitler actually made friends with a Jewish man who helped him sell his artwork to earn a meagre living.

Hitler didn’t want to serve in the mixed race of Austrian-Hungarian military. Hitler was summoned to serve in the Austrian-Hungarian military but he ignored the draft letter and moved to Munich with the help of the inheritance he received upon his father’s death.

Austrian police was able to track down Hitler in Germany and he was put behind bars. He wrote an apology to the Austrian Consulate for skipping on the military service speaking about his difficult and troubled youth. The Consulate somehow agreed to pardon him and he was out of jail. He was forced to return to do the military service but failed the medical exam and was soon released.

For some reason, he was not deported by the German authorities. So basically, Hitler was roaming free in Munich. Hitler took up painting again to make a living in Munich. Hitler was asked as to how he would make a permanent living to which he replied that it didn’t matter as the war would break out soon.

Hitler turned out to be correct as the first World War broke out in the following days. On 1st August 1914, it was official that war had started between Germany and Russia and the people were already celebrating the idea of conquest. Hitler volunteered to enlist in the German army and joined the Bavarian Regiment. Hitler was assigned to the 16th Bavarian Reserve Infantry Regiment. His first battle was the battle of Ypress.

While others were having a tough time during the war, Hitler was actually feeling good and felt like he had found his place. The Germans couldn’t make much progress in the battle of Ypres and Russia was brought to peace terms so that the entire German army could be utilized on the Western front. Hitler was among the few lucky soldiers who came out unharmed from the war.

After the war, Hitler was promoted to the rank of a Lance Corporal. He grew even more distant and spent more time alone that ever thinking about certain concepts. He even developed a hatred for the Jews and Marxists as he somehow came to the conclusion that they were the worst enemies that the Germans did not notice.

Meanwhile, the anti war sentiment had been growing among the civil population as the wars were proving to be costly causing the loss of several individuals. Hitler was shocked at this sentiment. Hitler blamed this on the secret Jewish and Marxist agents who had been shaping the public opinion from the shadows.

Hitler returned to duty and somehow managed to survive death again. During the battle of Somme, a shell exploded near him killing his comrades and injuring him in the knee. He then spent the rest of his time in the Red Cross Hospital at Beelitz in Brandenburg.

Hitler spent nearly two months in the hospital and couldn’t stand the idea of not being able to participate in the war. He wrote a letter to his commanding officer asking him to be allowed to join the war as he couldn’t tolerate being back in home while his fellow mates were dying in battle.

Impressed by his patriotism, Hitler was allowed to join back on the front. Later on, Hitler would be injured via gas attacks. A chlorine gas attack left him and his comrades temporarily blinded while a mustard gas attack took his voice which would return in time.

Due to his injuries he was sent to the Pasewalk hospital and his mind was absorbed by even darker thoughts. Hitler was horrified on learning that Germany had surrendered. Hitler’s military career was quite a success as he won the Iron Cross Second Class in 1914 and the Iron Cross First Class in 1918.

Somehow, Hitler came to the belief that the defeat of Germany was not due to their low numbers in military men, ammunition, aid etc but because of the Jewish and Communist agents who were working secretly to ensure that Germany lost. Hitler was determined to bring Germany back to power and planned to destroy those who were working against it.

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