The Story behind the hit song Bangarang by Skrillex

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Skirllex is among the most notable American DJ and music producers ever. His song ‘Bangarang’ was a major hit which also won a Grammy for ‘Best Dance Recording’ in 2013.

This song caught the attention of the world and placed Skrillex at the forefront of the EDM genre. It has garnered over 910 million views as of May 2023.

Song Explanation

The word ‘Bangarang’ is actually a reference to Peter Pan and the lost boys who used the word. It actually means chaos in Jamaican.

The singer Sirah even gives a shout out to the lost boys in the lyrics. Also, the ice cream man in the video is somewhat similar to Captain Hook after he looses his hand and starts wearing a hook on it.

His right hand which he looses has a crocodile tattoo on it. Its also a reference to Peter Pan when Peter cuts off Captain Hook’s hand and feeds it to the crocodile.

The instrumentals and beats are pretty amazing. Personally, I find the video to be very entertaining but I don’t agree with whatever takes place in the video and I strongly commend such actions in real life.

The video shows a group of kids who take up stealing at a very young age. Considering the resources they use for stealing ice-creams, it seem like they have enough to purchase ice cream themselves, but they take to the practice of stealing it probably for the thrill of it.

They plan to steal ice cream from the truck and execute it successfully. However, in the process the ice cream man happens to grab one of the kids.

To free him, his friend kicks the door of the truck which smashes the ice cream man’s hand. While, they are able to escape, the ice cream man looses his hand.

The kid feels remorse and guilt for his actions and he is unable to eat the ice cream which reminds him of the driver’s severed hand.

The video shows how those kids who started as ice cream thieves grow up to become adults and progress towards becoming more skillful robbers. They perform a heist on a group of robbers who have stolen large amounts of cash.

In the end, the guy who broke the ice cream man’s hand as a kid leaves him with some of the cash that he and his group took from the robbers.

Overall, the song is very nice to listen to. This is pretty much the landmark song by Skrillex in his career. Let me know your opinions regarding the song.

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