A look at Pitbull and what happened to him

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Armando Christian Pérez aka Pitbull is an American rapper and singer-songwriter who was extremely popular from 2005 – 2015.

Pitbull was a different genre of music in himself. I don’t think people even realize how talented Pitbull actually was. I feel like he might be the best artist who has produced some of the greatest tracks and party anthems ever.

The whole genre of party anthems subsided after 2015. Perhaps those songs were no longer in trend. Also post the pandemic, dance parties were brought to a halt so maybe it also had a role to play in shifting the trend.

As far as Pitbull is concerned, I think he has done extremely well in life. He’s been part of multiple hit records while winning several awards as well.

He still produces music and posts regularly on his YouTube channel. His business ventures keep him busy but he has kept the party going. Whatever said and done, he has been an icon in the world of entertainment.

But, anyway these are some of the best songs by Pitbull.

1. Pitbull – International Love ft. Chris Brown

2. Pitbull – Hey Baby (Drop It To The Floor) ft. T-Pain

3. Pitbull – Hotel Room Service

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