Travis Scott Astroworld Tragedy: What really happened?

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I believe a lot of people are aware of what happened at Astroworld. If you are not, Astroworld was the Travis’s music festival held in November 2021 where 10 people were killed and several people were injured.

Travis was well aware of how grave the situation in his concert was, however even after ambulances showed up at his place, Travis didn’t stop his concert. Due to the stampede and congestion, 10 people died while some were desperately trying to escape his concert.

Travis has earlier talked about how he wanted blood in his concert in an interview and he even has a song called ‘Highest in the Room’ where he is hoping to make it out of a crowded place and the video shows him gliding past people in a crowded place. Travis also released a song called Escape Plan on 5th November. Now, its crazy to think if this has something to do with what happened in the concert and if Travis had anticipated a situation like this to happen.

Meanwhile, the concert design was an inverted cross leading to what seemed to be a portal sending you straight to hell! I mean the imagery made you feel as if the entire concert was taking place in dem*nic place.

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