What happened to Eden Hazard?

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So, Eden Hazard was considered to be one of the best players in the world at least during his time in Chelsea. However, off recent he seems to have dropped in terms of performance. So what could have been the reason behind that.

While Hazard’s stats weren’t all that great(some stars were far ahead of him in terms of stats) even while he was in Chelsea, for example he scored 16 goals and 4 assists in 36 appearances during his best season from 2016-17; he has won 100 Man of the Match awards only behind Messi and Ronaldo.

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qa-ekzm7GYc

How good is Eden Hazard?

In terms of dribbling, he is one of the best dribblers in the sport comparable to Neymar, Messi etc. He is also an elite passer with a lot of key passes. I would say he has displayed skills which few players seem to possess. Eden is among the very few players capable of dribbling past 2-3 players and scoring a goal on a somewhat frequent basis.

So what really happened to Eden Hazard?

Since his transfer from Chelsea to Real Madrid, Eden Hazard has been unable to create much of an impact on the game. A lot of it can be attributed to injuries because of which he was unable to play most of the matches.

I would say it also had to do with the pressure to perform in a new club in a different league. While, it takes time for a player to settle in a new club and its style of play Hazard has been unable to excel despite being in the club for sufficient time.

I feel a lot of it has to do with self sabotage and mental barriers to deliver great results. Having bad games for a long time may have impacted his own self image which could’ve caused the dip in his stats.

Personally, it would be great to see him perform well again. He is still a good player and I hope he gets better with time.

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