The beef between Christina Aguilera and Eminem

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Christina and Eminem was a couple several people wanted to see together but God had different plans. They had misunderstandings which led to a cold war between the two.

Eminem is the kind of person who has had beef with the most people in the industry. There have been times when he has started them for no reason and there have been times when he has been p*ssed about something.

Christina and Eminem have had an interesting backstory. So, both of them felt drawn to each other. Christina admittedly had a crush on Eminem and Eminem liked her too.

However, things were about to go rotten pretty soon. Christina spoke about Eminem blaming him for rapping about killing his baby mother which obviously painted Eminem in a negative way.

Eminem didn’t like that and dissed Christina in a track called ‘Slim Shady’ in which he spreads a rumor about her having an affair with Fred Durst and Carson Daly. He also talked about her giving him an STD.

In the midst of all this, they had Christina present MTV Award for Best Male Video to Eminem. Personally, I don’t know who sets these things up but it was bonkers to have it organized that way.

Christina responded with her own song ‘Can’t Hold Us Down’ in which she says that she is entitled to her opinions and Eminem spreading rumors cause he is salty.

Eminem has namedropped her in other songs like ‘Evil Twin’ and ‘Kick Off’. So Eminem is still holding on to his past grudges while Christina seems to have moved on.

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