The Story of Ryan Higa and what happened to him

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Ryan Higa is among the most popular youtubers ever and he has been in the game for longer than most people. Ryan has over 21 million subscribers on his youtube called ‘nigahiga’ which was the most subscribed channel from 2009 to 2011. In this article we’ll talk about Ryan Higa best videos.

Looking back at some of his videos, I actually realized that he was incredibly talented and his style of content was unique. I have never seen any other youtuber ever actually produce content similar to his. His creativity was off the charts with most of the content he produced.

As of now, he spends most of his time streaming games on his twitch channel and he has not really produced any new videos on his original channel since a very long time.

Ryan actually spoke about why he had not been posting on his channel. The main reason behind that was how youtube’s algorithm had changed and mainly how the content he was producing was not fitting in with the algorithm.

He even spoke about whether he intended to produce content the way he did before on his nigahiga channel. He is currently busy with other things and his schedule is too tight to be producing creative videos like before.

Ryan Higa best videos.

Some of his best videos in my opinion are:

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