A look at Sneako and how he became famous

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Sneako is among the popular influencers on the planet. He is best known for being part of the ‘red pill’ community and hangs out with fellow YouTubers and podcasters like Myron, Adin Ross, Sara Saffari and many more.

Recently, he was kicked off of YouTube for violating certain policies, however there are certain videos by that guy that I really like.

Sneako might not come across as a wise person but if you have studied him you would realize that there is depth to his character. He was a young kid who had aspirations and was wise enough to pursue them.

Not many kids go after what their purpose is but Sneako was different ever since he was a teen. He knew certain things which a lot of people fail to recognize.

It probably took a lot of efforts, videos, patience, sleepless nights (probably or maybe he slept on time) for him to reach where he did.

So, Sneako at a young age decided that he wanted to do something great with his life. I believe people doubting him and him wanting to prove them wrong was part of that motivation. You have to respect the drive and the vision he had as a teen growing up.

Not many people get that vision early on in life but he did.

So, Sneako actually started off by making videos on YouTube. His videos ranged from motivational rants, Vlogs, visiting random places, meeting random people, working out and exercising and more.

His ability to speak fast, concise and to the point is probably what makes a lot of his videos incredibly entertaining.

He has been on the online space for quite long (more than 5 years at least)and it has paid dividends for him. Off recent there have been certain things that have put his character at question. He may come across as saying certain things which can rub people the wrong way. One could say that fame might have gotten to his head.

His contact with Andrew Tate might have also led to people viewing him a certain way. Either way he has gotten to where he wanted to be and things have worked out for him.

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