Naked person climbing out of the window of Buckingham Palace

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Alright so among the most bizarre incidents that could have ever happened, this was one that caught my attention several years back.

Its actually about a naked person could be a young boy climbing out of the window of the Buckingham Palace.

After the AFWA investigated into the incident, it claimed that the clip was a promotional clip of a TV Series particularly ‘The Royals’ and not a real incident.

However, what is sinister is that the man is climbing down totally naked with no safety gear. He even falls off the rope he made from tying up bed sheets.

While some people dismissed the incident others grew skeptical of what was actually going on in the place. Some even went as far as to claim that horrific things could be happening which led to him actually trying to escape naked.

Anyway, guys let me know what you all think of the incident.

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